Cersei Lannister Game of Thrones Makeup Tutorial

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Game of Thrones season 3 is on it's way, and even if you don't watch it you probably knew that because of the huuuge billboards that have sprung up everywhere with random characters faces on.
This was the funnest makeup look that I have made in a long time, unfortuantely trying to upload it several times but each time a new problem arose - a section had been cut out, the music blanked out, the speaking blanked out and the music was still playing- every kind of problem, I don't know if it's my laptop, my video editor or YouTube.
In the end I gave up with the HD uploading because it was taking well over an hour and after about 3 times and watching the day turn to night and realising I've got zilch done today, I decided it was better to upload something in lower quality today than nothing at all.

The look itself is super simple, I use Foxy, which is a yellowy/nude colour and Tease which is a taupy brown, so a light brown with a grey undertone and it is 100% matte- no shimmer allowed in medieval/fantasy times! Sorry it's the way it is...
Hopefully this fuelled your excitement for the new series! I looked around for music for this video before realising that nothing could beat the original soundtrack so I went with that, and hopefully you'll enjoy it!


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