Lets go to the movies: Life of Pi

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I got to view Life of Pi in an Imax screening which meant that it was full 3D which maybe makes my thoughts on it a little biased because taht extra dimension cranked up the 'wonderment and awe' notch a bit!
The story is about a young boy named Pi who is from India which makes for a beautiful backdrop for the story to unfold, he and his family move themselves to Canada and sell the zoo that they own to America. A storm at sea leads to a shipwreck and Pi ends up stranded on a boat with a Bengal tiger called Richard Parker.

There are a lot of charming parts to the film, aswell as some jumpy parts made worse by the 3D and some parts that are just outright psychadelic viewing.
The story is beautiful, quite simple to follow but at times slow. There are no other stories running alongside the one being told, it literally is following Pi through his childhood, important life lessons then trying to survive. This story was enough for me because of the stunning visuals, but it may not be enough stimulation for everyone.

The ending has a little twist of it's own which isn't a huge huge shocker, but it gives the film a little more meaning and creates a slightly philosophical tone.

It's a nice film, it's a pretty film and it's a quaint film but it's not the kind of film that's going down in history as one of the 'greats'


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