Birthday Sister!

Monday, 25 March 2013

It was my sisters birthday yesterday, but after all the commotion I was too tried to upload all the pictures until today, plus I was eager to show you the new video that I uploaded.
But here is the run down of the day!
A whole group of us went out for lunch which was amazing! We ate at a place called 'The Goods Shed' which was a converted train shed or something so a really unusual building but absolutely freezing, there was snow on the ground!
For starters I had a duck egg tartlet, which sounds very fancy but it was basically pastry with a mushroom filling and then a poached duck egg on the top and some salad... I'll show you:
It was soooo delish, I was sad that it ended, and then filled up on a bread basket until the main course arrived which was...
Steak with vegetables and potato:
For dessert me and my sister shared a chocolate mousse with honeycombe pieces all over it, but I forgot to take a picture of it!

Later, we went back to my sisters for cake! She had two birthday cakes, they were so pretty!

I got my sister a guestbook for her wedding day, it had the couples names on the front and the date of the wedding, but the most fun gift I think came from my mum, it was a wedding trinket box made especially for the wedding day, it included all sorts of personal details.

 Here is has the whole bridal party, including the bridesmaids and flower girls, all in the colour scheme! And there's a little indication to my sisters dress if you look reallly closely

 On the side it has even more cute details including their shared interests!

 On the front is the bride, groom and the flower girls (I can't tell if they are bears or mice)

Then, a very cute and accurate painting of the front of the wedding venue!

Picture overload, It's nearly half 1am! I'm getting me some sleep!


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