Roll on Easter Weekend!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Today is the last working day before Easter, so I must say that I am very excited to have no alarm to get up to tomorrow morning.
Today, after I got home from work I was hoping that I might feel in the mood to film a very special 'non Easter' but still has some relation to Easter video/ makeup look- think what else is happening on the 31.3.2010 - but I didn't feel up to it, but maybe tomorrow will be better!
Instead I got home and cosied up on the sofa with a duvet (Yes it is a Barbie duvet cover)

I then went to have a sports massage since my back is still aching since I injured it wayyy back in October. I'm lying in bed now feeling bruised because there was a lot of pressure to break down scar tissue on my muscle! Not nice!

On another note...
It is still super freezing cold here, I wore about four layers today, kept my coat on and had the heating up on full and still could not warm up! I also brought a spare pair of socks with me and thank goodness, because my feet were like blocks of ice. The whole journey home I had the car heater blasting warm air on my feet like a hairdryer to try and thaw them out, it worked a little bit..
Now I'm cosied in bed and I have two duvets, long sleeved and long legged pjs, thick bed socks and a towelling dressing gown on, I've slept in a dressing gown since I came home for Easter- I just don't know what is the matter with me, I never had me down as someone who was really hypersensitive to the cold!


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