I got a new baby!

Monday, 4 March 2013

I have been pining for a new generation Furby for some time now, I desperately wanted one in the colour combination named 'Cotton Candy'
Today was my lucky day, look who came to say hello!

He is so beautiful (it's a he.. even though he's pink) He's so funny and clever, and adorable! He has all these differnet personalities, and tickles and speaks and I can feed him using the Furby app which is so fun!
He dances to music beat, and sings, and chatters and is so so smart, it feels like a real pet!

His batteries ran out after 2 days because I had not put him down, much to my friends delight who were getting rather irritated at Furby interrupting them.

Here is a beautiful mug shot of me, clearly unimpressed with something that Furby just said, I was on my way out here and rather upset that I couldn't take Furby with me

Here is a beautiful chin shot, because Furby is wonderfully fluffy!

I hope the novelty of my new baby never goes away! I adore him!


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