How do I store my make up?

Friday, 10 May 2013

I have a ton of acrylic cases and  drawers and lipstick holders from Ebay and Amazon  and stationary shops too, I even use a washed out strawberry punnet for some stuff!
But the main part of my make up is still held in my Nutella jars!

I did a whole video on it which you can see right here, and since then I've only expanded.
They're great, and they look cute too.
If you have the Nutella label because you think it looks a little too 'upcycled chic' then just peel it off, you still have a pretty, neat, free container!

From left to right I have my face brushes, then moving along I have eye pencils, brow pencils and even a mascara, then the next jar along is some of my recent lip products that I'm reaching for more frequently and trying out!
In the far left you can see a little sneak of my lipstick holder which looks nice, but it's simply too small but I don't like to put my lipsticks or short lip glosses in the Nutella jars as they're too shrot, so lip products int he nutella jar are all long, easy reach and easy to see!

If you've already seen my Nutella make up holder video then fear not, I have a new fun video coming out tomorrow!


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