This is what happens when I go out for milk and bread...

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I went with my friend just to nip to the local supermarket, I decided to pick up some essentials, milk bread and maybe some fruit for a smoothie.

We ended up heading into New Look so that I could give my creative opinion on a shirt to go with a blouse that she already owned.
It all started when I saw some slouchy jeans on sale for £15, I love this fit of jean and have been looking for a great pair!
(Try as I might to get the picture to go the right way, it's just not happening for this so I'l show you how it failed and I'll show you a picture from the website)

Okay, lets pretend that didn't happen and now look at the nice fancy photo from the website:

The I saw the most magical fun playsuit that I decided I may aswell try on.
(And the picture didn't work out... So I'll have to show you the nice stock photo aswell)

Then some white shoes, that I decided would be super comfy and go with 'everything' plus they were only £10

Until we ended up in the jewellery section and I couldn't hold any more so had to go back to the entrance to grab a basket.
I came away with two rings that just look like a party on my hands, and then a more elegant ring too.

Even though it was unexpected I feel as though I have filled some large gaps in my wardrobe so I'm happy! And I haven't taken the bow rings off since I purchased them!


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