Summer Days Daze

Friday, 31 May 2013

Today is the first time in a long time that it has been really wonderfully sunny, I evern got to wear shorts, I forgot about wearing makeup and I let my hair air dry!

The best part was christening my newest and favourite top of the moment

It's from Threadless but they have a quick turnover for designs so it might not be for sale anymore, but I love it because it has a zombie geisha, and you may or may not know that I love geishas and I love The Walking Dead so it's like a little combination of my favourite things and perfect for days like this!

I went outside after lunch and lay on the grass for a couple hours, the sun was not at its hottest since it was after 3pm so I got away with laying int he sun without sun cream on.
I'll show you what I saw

This might not be exciting for you but it feels so so so long since I saw blue skies! It was wonderful to lie doing nothing and not feeling guily about not studying or neglecting anything else!


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