Starting the week off right!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Here begins the start of the last week at University!
It's a very sad feeling but I still have a final exam to get through tomorrow before I can be completely free.
But here arrived a little magic treat pick-me-up to help set the week off right!

It is the Stila Eyeshadow in shade Kitten.
I'd heard a lot about this beautiful colour an I wasn't disappointed. It's beautiful and wonderfully creamy, maybe a bit too creamy, I'd barely pressed the pan and I've already put a dent in it, you can see it on the far right of the pan in the middle picture.
It's paler than the photos would have you believe, I wouldn't describe it as a gold colour but a cross between cream and champagne.
I really love it and can't wait to use it properly!


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