How to brighten up your room starring Hello Kitty!

Sunday, 5 May 2013

 I have no idea why, but the photos for this post took around 3 hours to upload! Driving me crazy!
Anywho, I went for a beautiful lunch with one of my very best friends, but that's not what this post is about- after lunch we nipped into a few shops and I saw this Hello Kitty poster in WHSmiths. It looked so pretty and fun I just had to have it! As far as I can tell it's hello Kitty in all different occupations, and it's everything from office worker, to detective, to popstar to princess to chef and photographer. My favourite ones though are oddly all together on the poster and they are the doctor, fireman, scientist and sailor - The sailor is my number one love!

It's an average sized poster but for some odd reason, the interior designer of my halls (uk term) or dorm (US term) thought it would be a great idea to have a feature wall in a mustard colour. I've always disliked it but anywho, the poster helps to cover up at least some of the yellowness.

Then, when I got back from lunch I'd almostly completely forgotten that I'd already ordered a Hello Kitty map of the world and it arrived!
It's so fun and pink, plus it's probably helping since one of my friends that I live with is oddly good with continents so when she comes to my room it seems to frequently end in a geography quiz

 Look how huge it is! It spans the majority of one of the walls and is right above my bed

I love all the cute illustrations! It has adorable fun facts too.

So that's how my room went from normal to Hello Kitty-fied in under a day!


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