Wanting what you can't find!

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

I love Pinterest and it's the perfect way to procrastinate when I should be doing more constructive things, but I still want to brighten your day up with beautiful finds so here is my most recent 'Isn't this awesome?!' List:

I stumbled across these beautiful tank tops, I love the way the picture stretches across the vest, I love how these kind of Disney designs is not just limited to kiddy clothes!

The saddest part is that these are another on the beautiful but forever lost pins that have no link to where I can get them! But I can still look at them and dream I own them, which is a much more purse friendly way to view them.

The next are these super fun Catigans - get it? Instead of cardigans!

But it's another one on the no link list!

This perfect striped bow blouse, I even already own the jeans to match, but the blouse is nowhere to be found so it just has to live in my imaginary wardrobe.

And finally...

This adorable trouser and top combination. The trousers are especially beautiful, but I'd need the whole hippy chic look going on for it to work on me! But I will never know how they look on me!

At least I have a permanent reminder of all these beautiful clothes so they will not get lost forever!


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