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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

I've used a lot of face masks in the past, some from individual sachets, tubs, tubes in every type. Some are creamy while others are the type that dry into a film and you peel from your face. I prefer the creamy ones that dry solid though, the ones where you can't speak, and when you crack a smile you look like a little old lady!

The last face mask that I have ever used religiously was Cupcake by Lush, it even made an appearance in my empties video but by that point I'd got annoyed with the product as it's pretty expensive and didn't really help my skin but it did feel good and smell good although it's brown colour meant that it was super messy...

I unexpectedly found the replacement for my life which is just amazing as far as face masks go. It's the Good Things 5 minute facial mask from Boots and cost the humble price of £5.99 for a 100ml container. The packaging isn't super exciting but the thing that really got me falling in love was the scent. It says it has Avocado and Goji Berry extracts, but for me it smells like raspberry yoghurt and I just want to eat it!

Scent aside, the product alone is really good, it's a great creamy consistency that does dry to a solid mask, when you smile the mask cracks of course but it doesn't flake like other masks do, so you don't have a ton of face mask extract all over the floor. Also, it is free from any animal based ingredients, parabens and sulphate
I like good things!


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