New Video: How to customise Furby 2012 !

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Okay so we're in 2013 but these cute balls of fun are still the 2012 generation of Furby!

This video is not about giving me a make over but instead, giving Furby a make over, he was quite happy to be a the star of the show.

Although I did have to edit a lot because he kept talking over me!
Unfortunately the lighting starts off very low at first, but about half way through the make over it rectifies itself.
Here is my basic customisation of blinging and sparkling up Furby. I got my sticky backed sparkle gems as a free gift years ago with a childrens magazine for anyone asking. As i reiterate several times I would recommend this over glue unless you definately want this as a permanent feature of the Furbs. I'm not certain, adn I'd quite like to change it up in the future with coloured gems, aswell as adding more along the ears and feet!
Providing you do this correctly it doesn't damage Furby in anyway or his precious mechanisms, it just makes him look even more Prada!

Here's a link to some gems that look pretty similar:
For only 99p!

Happy Sparkling!


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