Visiting a World Buffet

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

I went to a completely different eating experience than I've ever had before in my life. We've all probably heard of and maybe been to buffet restaurants, they typically where I come from are Chinese, but maybe they do other buffet type eating places where you live. Sometimes I do not feel like getting up and down all the time to refill my plate plus I am 10x more greedy at a buffet place and often they are not a fine dining experience but just quick and easy because there is something that everyone likes. For the first time ever I went to a 'World Buffet' which is exactly what it sounds like, with food from all around the world. It had a English section with roast dinners, a Japanese section with sushi, a Chinese section, an Indian section, Italian, Thai etc as well as burgers and all sorts in between. It was absolutely huge, I still have not seen all of the dishes because it's extensive as well as 'live chefs' who will make what you ask for right in front of you. Despite how huge it was, what made it so fun was the thought gone into the decor. For example, when you enter the restaurant there's a lady dressed as an air hostess and lots of big bold signs saying 'check in' to make it look like an airport. You 'check in' as in, ask for a table for however many people are eating and then go downstairs.

Downstairs they had a bar  just like how at airports after you've checked in you can sit at the lounge, which is where the bathrooms were, and they call flight announcements while you're in the bathroom it's so funny!

Then you go downstairs again and you've arrived at your destination!
A lot of effort has gone into decorating each section according to the country with random bike props, jars and jars of rice and tiling. This picture doesn't do it much justice as it goes back beyond what this picture shows.
At the back their was an entire wall of sweet treat desserts! It was so fun, including a white chocolate and milk chocolate fountain. By this time I had completely over indulged so only managed some marshmallows dipped in chocolate and a little chunk of carrot cake.

It was so fun and unusual, I wish that I could go back right now because pretty much every craving is covered!


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