Mad Hatters Tea Party

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

We went to an awesome cocktail bar to celebrate a birthday.
It was like nowhere that I have ever been and it was so much fun!
It has a dark taverny feel to it and you go to the bar and get a cocktail menu.

They sell normal drinks too but they mostly sell super fun and different drinks that are their specialty really. First I tried the M&M cocktail which was the most delicious thing that I have ever drunk, it tastes exactly like the m&m sweeties with like a sugar shell and chocolate center but it had no m&ms in it at all! It then came with a shot glass full of m&ms- I don't know the science behind it or how they made it taste just like the real thing in a drink form without using actual m&ms but it was an experience.

Then I had some of a berry flavored cocktail, it was red with lots of crushed ice and made from real berries, I even got a raspberry seed stuck in my teeth! It was super fruity and tasted just like an exotic fruit juice.
You can see the drips and drabs below, it was what was contained in the shorter glass!

Finally, the grand finale was the Mad Hatters Tea Party cocktail, this was the really really crazy one. It was made using loose tea leaves put through a strainer with boiled water from the kettle. This was then mixed with some other magical things before being poured into a cute tea pot with tea cups arranged around a tray.

It tasted pretty strange, it's odd to drink something warm, but also with a herbal edge to it and a bit of a dry taste too ... I don't know, it was weird, but I'm still bedazzled by the whole drinks menu it was that cool.
There was one made from white, milk and dark chocolate. I'm sad that I didn't get to try that one but maybe next time because it's like going out to eat desserts!


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