Maybelline Color Tattoo Gold Bronze Rose-Gold Taupe ~ Swatches

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Superdrug had 3 for 2 across all of it's beauty lines, so even though I had a less than magnificent experience with my first Color Tattoo in Eternal Gold, I decided I wouldn't give up on them as a concept altogether.
I got the 'On and On Bronze' which is called 'Bad to the Bronze' outside Europe I think, Pink Gold and Permanent Taupe.

They look so pretty all stashed side by side, I like how there is detailing on both sides of the container so whether you store them lid up or lid down you can still see what they are and the shades inside.

You can see all the beautiful colours, they're all shimmery except for Permanent Taupe and can be used on top of an eyeshadow base but I think they work just fine as a base in their own right for other eye colours, or you can use them simply as a cream eyeshadow.

Here I've swatched them down the inside of my arm, no primer just on bare skin

At the top is Permanent taupe which was the most stubborn colour to remove from my arm, it took around three washes which bodes well because my eyelids can get oily shifting my eye makeup throughout the day.
Next down is Pink Gold which is my favourite colour based on how gorgeous it is, however it was similar to Eternal Gold to swatch which you may have rad in my previous review that I did not especially like as I felt it wasn't that pigmented and kind of flaky.
Next is Eternal Gold which is clearly the weakest of the swatches. It doesn't have the gorgeous craemy consistency of Permanent Taupe.
Finally, On and On Bronze which is a warmer version of Permanent Taupe and is a perfect every day colour.

I love how all swatched down my arm they look like ice cream colours, I can't wait to create some beautiful looks for you guys using these!


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