How not to do nail art...

Sunday, 12 May 2013

I've been getting a bit overexcited lately, what with finally having nails that aren't bitten down to the nail bed, so I have been reapplying my nail polish probably every three days to keep it looking fresh. But I've only bought one colour so far since I've stopped biting my nails as I have bottles of nail polish at my family home that I've never been able to wear! I'm excited to be reunited with them.
In the mean time I did a polka dot nail art thing using a tooth pick and a white polish borrowed from my friend. It came out okay but I got impatient as always so it smudged all over the place.

 It turns out I shouldn't get too over confident with my ability to pain nails as white proved really hard to look neat!

For a change I decided to remove the polka dots and use sticky tape on the bottom 2/3 of my finger nail, leaving the top exposed (the white tip) I then painted with a very rough hand, splodges of pink. The sticky tape would make sure that it didn't matter how neat or messy I applied, it would always come out neat.
Well I got over excited, applied it too thick, didn't let coats dry between and it was just a generally messy time.

If you've ever seen a more hideous attempt let me know!


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