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Thursday, 30 May 2013

Washing my face!
I love washing my face, I would do it four times a day if I could.
My skin is super oily so all throughout the day I grease up, but if I have a full face of makeup and I can't remove it and re do it, I just have to settle for blotting paper and translucent powder, but throughout the day I can wash my face if I feel it needs it, or to avoid drying out my skin I can just use a makeup wipe.
Today was one of those days where I had a lot of makeup on and had to wait until I got home to remove it all.

I used a makeup wipe first to remove the worst, then I cleanse properly, this is the bit I love the most.

 Half on and half off!
 Then all off!
 I'm using the Johnson's Oil Balancing facial cleansing wipes which is great for me since it does not leave that horrible residue that other wipes can, the wipes are not too wet either but they do remove waterproof mascara without smelling too chemically

Finally, I cleanse properly using the Pure and Clear cleansing wash which I do like at the moment to help calm down my troublesome skin!

After that I moisturise and use the accompanying Pure and Clear Moisturiser

Then I'm happy and clean and crisp and fresh, for an hour or two at least!


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