Take it from me: Letting go of the little things

Thursday, 9 May 2013

It's time for some wise words with me and Furby! I have my wisdom beard on, and Furby is wise enough already... lets go!

It is all too easy to get all wrapped up, emotional and distressed about what someone has said to you or how they have acted towards you, it's so annoying because what feels like a great day is completely tarnished by another persons words or actions!
If this has happened to you here are my key things to think about to calm you down:

Did they mean what they said/did? (Has it come across in the wrong tone in your head, often the case with texting)
Have they said/done what they mean? (People make mistakes, they may not have thought before they acted or spoke. They may not understand or know that something is important to you)

and most importantly...
Will it matter a year from now?

Often it never ever does matter in a years time so there's no point wasting all your energy getting upset and emotional. It's much easier to give the benefit of the doubt to someone and to let it go.

But, if you know a person had malicious intent just think in your head 'Am I going to let this person make me feel the way they want me to feel?' No way!
If all else fails it's always great to kill them with kindness, it avoids confrontation and wrong things being said in the heat of the moment.

After doing that, I like to have a good long shower, it just makes me feel better and calm and refreshed!

Wise words from me and the Furbz


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