Every day may not be good...

Monday, 6 February 2012

...But there is something good in every day

Sometimes the day has been truly against us and we tie ourselves up in knots thinking about how it all seemed to go so wrong.

Sometimes we think about it so hard, that we can't even sleep and let a new day begin because we're wearing ourselves out thinking about yesterday.

Always look for the little things, even teeny tiny things that were good in your day, the little things that bring me joy on a bad day can be as simple as listening to something calm and beautiful like this:

While reflecting on all that has given me joy today, my list goes a little something like this:

The sight of my fairy lights glowing over my fireplace

A bath with so many bubbles

Being able to listen to the same song on repeat

Starting a new book

A mug of peppermint tea

My phone not running out of battery

The wonderfully inky night sky

Share with me something that has brought you joy today!

Sweet dreams (day or night) that allow us to escape to anywhere, if only for a moment!


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