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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Eat to be nourished
Exercise to be fit

I can't take credit for this quote but I sure think it's an important one. Especially at this time of year-it's apparently the most depressing month in regards to weight because we all wake up to the realisation that we've not been able to shift that 'Christmas weight'

When I think about the amount of people around us that are unhappy or want to lose weight, this quote is what always springs to mind, it's as though people need reminding (myself included!) That indeed it's not about being so skinny our bones can be seen through our skin, or going to bed with our stoamchs grumbling.

It's about doing a workout whether it's at the gym or in front of a workout show on the television because of that wonderful 'zing!' you feel running through your blood afterwards that means we're a little less puffed out once we get to the top of the stairs (or is that just me?)

It's about thinking 'I could eat this fried chicken or burger..... orrr..... I could eat a chicken sandwich with some tomatoes, salad, maybe a little mayo and pepper'

It's tough to fight against impulse but I think about how I'll feel afterwards and that makes the decision for me, not only is the fried chicken greasy, bad for my skin, salty and fatty- I'm also going to be hungry in a short space of time because there's no real 'substance' to junk food and it doesn't fill us up for long- so we technically have to eat more because of it!
Something like a sandwich has more to it and will keep us from falling asleep in the early evenings from low energy.

So remember if you or anyone you know is feeling misguided about where to go or what new fad to follow to improve confidence within their body: Eat to be nourished. Exercise to be fit

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