Oranges to eat and orange bags to buff!

Friday, 24 February 2012

There was once upon a time when those little mesh fruit holer bags for your oranges were just practical to hold fruit, but not anymore!
Let the fruit make your insides pretty and the packaging make your outsides pretty!

You can buff your face to beautifulness with just a simple scrunch of the meshy stuff and a gentle hand. Here's my more in depth how to:

-This is not a daily treatment, unless you want to scrub away every layer of your skin, haha!
-If you have dry skin be sure to use a face wash with natural moisturising properties
-All skin types should avoid combining this tough trick with a facial scrub as it'll be too much 'scrubby-ness'
-Have fun and let me know if it made your skin feel fabulous and fresh too!


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