Sometimes I need to T.H.I.N.K

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Before I speak
T-is it truthful?
H-is it helpful?
I-is it inspiring?
N-is it necessary?
K-is it kind?

Imagine if the world took these steps every day before we spoke, what a wonderful world we would live in! Full of kindness and honesty and a world where everyone motivates eachother, believes in eachother and inspires eachother.
Imagine what we could achieve in a world like this, how far we could all go and the wonderfullness that would blossom out of each and every person.

Perhaps someone has sprung to your mind while reading this, someone who does not follow any of these steps and is a grey cloud darkening your day.
Please know that just because they are acting that way towards you or maybe many people, it doesn't mean you have to pass it on. I know it can be hard and negativity can be super contagious but as long as in your heart you wash your hands of the things that they say each day then you are stunting the overcrowding of rainclouds that they want lurking around.

People that don't t.h.i.n.k thrive off of the things that they say spreading through numerous people until a whole morale is pulled down. Remember that like when someone around you has a cold, you have to just keep on washing your hands to ensure it doesn't spread to you, keep on t.h.i.n.king before you speak and eventually they'll go away, just like that sickness bug that's been 'going around'

I saw this T.H.I.N.K quote on Pinterest, and I believe it should be hung up in every school and work environment everywhere!
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