Photo day and why a 3am bedtime is not a good idea...

Friday, 3 February 2012

Last nighted I was ready for bed super early, but this just gave me all the more time to get distracted with video after video on youtube to fill my brain with nothingness!
And then I came across this video and nothing else mattered as I watched, transfixed:

And well, I simply could not look away, having a brother of my own I was completely blown away by Sara's strength to tell everything in such detail so soon after the tragedy. It left me unable to sleep for a long time as the story lingered in my head.

I tried to take my mind off of feeling so sad by reading, and then I got too engrossed in my book and before I knew it the sun was rising and I hadn't been asleep yet!

I had to wake up super early this morning to get ready for a photo shoot that we were doing today. As I sat in the studio my eyes were actually burning from the glare of the lights and whiteness of the walls where I was so so tired!

In spite of that, it was a good day with lots of fun pictures and I was allowed to film little snippets of what went on so that I could share that with you guys and I sure hope you like it when I upload it! (some time in the next week or so)

I couldn't take any pictures of my own to share with you'll have to wait for the video to see what went on! But I will tell you that we had giant fun swirlypops and beautiful grey ball gowns on set with me.

Early nights all round tonight (not how I intended to spend my day off but never mind!)


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