Mirror mirror on the tray...

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Ever since I watched the 'Whatisstyletonickel' video on Youtube about his perfume collection (which I'll link below)  I fell in love with the mirrored tray he had his perfumes sat on.

It's from www.anangelatmytable.com ,which is an online store specialising in luxury french home decoration.
I'm not a major fan of gold home decor, but I loved the little feet on the tray, it gives it that cute little luxurious edge.
So I headed onto www.anangelatmytable.com and found the same beautiful tray in silver!

Everything about it was perfect except for the fact that it was 'temporarily out of stock' and £25.
I've been checking back pretty much every day for the past month wondering:
1. if it will be in stock 
2. if i can justify buying another decoration for my room that I don't actually need.

Upon my second search of the day on www.anangelatmytable.com just incase they'd updated their stock mid day- I was struck by the tempting offer that looked like this!

I clicked hurredly wondering just why this beautiful tray was 50% off and what made it a slight second- it turned out that it's due to 'slight marking' on the mirror tray part. 'No problemo' I thought, because I can just cover any marks with perfume bottles!

Although I clicked my way to the online check out faster than ever before in my life, it turns out I needn't have worried! As there are still some 50% off trays available in both silver AND gold! Although what makes the gold tray a 'slight second' is for a different reason to the silver trays (due to a gap between the mirror and the edge)

And here is the beautiful tray itself that arrived on my doorstep today, and honestly, truly I think it makes no difference with the 'slight markings' as long as the tray isn't empty, and who peers into empty trays in your bedroom/bathroom/any room anyway?

Here's a little close up of the pesky smudgy marking!
So perhaps your a perfectionist and you'd rather wait until the full priced one comes back in stock or for another tray altogether, but I'm super happy that it was out of stock now as it meant I had to wait until it was restocked at half off, I know this often isn't the case with lots of stores- if you don't snap it up when you see it, you regret it later when it's gone, and I predict it won't be much longer until even the 'slight seconds' are gone too!

Here's Richie Nickel's video!


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