Mid week pick-me-up

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sometimes the middle of the working week is a time for celebration (half way to the weekend!)
or a time for grumpyness (still got the other half of the week before the weekend...)

But never fear- a new video is here, and in this video the day looks much brighter and happier than my day today was!

For some reason I feel as though I look deathly pale in this video! I was using my Laura Mercier moisturising foundation that day, and perhaps it doesn't work so well on camera- at least I hope that's the case, wouldn't be great if I was walking around looking as though I have the flu that day!

Hope you have a great rest of the week- and if the thought of two more days in the working week is getting you down, just imagine that this weekend we're going shopping in the fanciest places in town- and we can all swan about the street with oodles of shopping bags on our arms (the posh ones made from card with cord handles) and then afterwards sip an over priced latte in a cafe as we rest our shopped out feet! Wouldn't it be nice!?


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