You're just 'write' for me!

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Need a valentines day present in double quick time?

Try one of these adorable pencil holders with a sweet little note on it!
This owl is just the sweetest one ever and perfect to hand out to all your friends!

The one that I'm going to make is a holder in the shape of a heart and then written on it is 'your just write for me!'
Especially fun if you have a friend or loved one that likes writing or drawing
If you have got less than 5 minutes to bring together something then grab a sticky note and on it write 'I love you today because...'
and then maybe just a few words on why you love that person nd stick it somewhere they'll see (fridge, bathroom mirror, school locker, tucked under car window wiper, in a coat pocket etc)
You don't need to spend out on fancy boxes of chocolates or teddy bears or any other extravagent goodies really.
Kind words mean so much more to those that we care about!


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