emBRACE the Bracelet!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

These home crafter thread bracelts are such a dream!
They remind me of summer holidays, crafy friends, and making wishes!

Anyway, I found these one's on Pinterest (Which I keep calling Pinteresting- not cool)
The blue waters in the background make me thirsty for summer!

Pinned Image

I remember one time in Paris, someone who made these for tourists for a living approached me and began making one, and before he tied it closed on my wrist told me to make a wish, I did and... It came true! I don't know if it was a magical bracelet or not haha, at least I hope not because I think I threw it out...

I got another one for my 18th birthday, it didn't have fancy weaving in it (which I tried to do myself and... it didn't go well. I can barely do french braids haha) but it has little navy blue beads and one tiny Hello Kitty one, and in a weird way I kind of treasure it! I went through a phase of even showering with it on. But then It feels like it's getting grubby so I have to take it off, I often think that when I see people with fabric festival wristbands on that are two or three years old, how much sweat is sitting in the threads of them!?

That's my lil ol' Kitty bracelet!
She looks mighty cute and much more fitting to the cold season we're having right now.

So are you a thread bracelet liker? Or do you prefer them as souvenirs, or maybe not at all!


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