The cards we're dealt in life

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

This is the way that I like to look at things, when it seems as though everything is turning horrible and into mulchy goo on the ground.

I think of the ups and downs we handle, like a pack of cards.
When we were born we were handed a pack of cards- bigger than the 52-deck-kind that we get on Earth, some cards immediately make us happy, like the Aces- but in a pack of cards so big they can't all be Aces!
You've got to deal with the less great cards too, like the 2 of Spades.

And sometimes it seems like we've been handed a lot of successive rubbish cards, but that streak is going to end sooner or later- then we get back to the wonderful cards, like Queens, Kings, Aces.

You have some cards that are great and impact your whole life forever, long after that part of your life is over and the card has been tossed away: Like getting your dream job!

But of course, some cards impact your life forever for the worse long after they're gone too: Like someone you care dearly about no longer being part of your life.

But the great thing about cards is that it's all down to chance! You choose how you play your cards.
So you're faced with a four of clubs, and you're here thinking -what am I going to do with THIS? You can make whatever you want of it, but are you going to bail out of playing?
No Sir-ee!
You're going to keep on playing and make the best of what cards you do have!

So you might be thinking 'But I know people who seem to have only been dealt Kings and Aces'
This is another concept in card playing known as 'bluffing' no one, but no one is dealt a whole deck of the best cards, you best believe everyone is dealing with crummy cards because there's no avoiding it in a pack of cards so big. Perhaps they've just played their cards right, and made the best of the rubbish ones to prolong the effects of the 'best' cards

Mid weeks are hard, Mondays are hard- Every day is hard!
But just keep playing, just keep dealing with the card in front of you treasure the lucky streaks and persevere with the unlucky ones.


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