So you think you're too OLD for a slumber party!?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

While arranging to stay at my friends house we decided to make it a fun theme like the 'old days' when staying over for slumber parties were the greatest thing ever!I remember being so excited I couldn't sleep on a Monday for a Slumber party on the Friday or Saturday!
So here's a little look at what was in my sleep over bag I wish I had pictures from what I would take when I was 12 or so to do a side by side comparison!

Fuzzy slipper-boots from Next!

Bedtime socks to trot about in or keep your tootsies warm!

Disposable toothbrush so you can throw it away the next day!

Fuzzy Jammas!

Mini toiletories bag!

Moisturiser and face wash!

Bottle of water to take to bed so you don't have to get up in the night and feel your way to a foreign kitchen tap for a drink!
We watched a lot of back to back episodes of Friends until my eyes cemented shut!

Fun fact of the day: I Forgot to tug the tag out of my pants and was waking around with it alllllll day and didn't notice until I changed 30 mins ago, luckily it was on the inside.

Did you use to/ still do love slumber parties?


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