Mothers day! Time is running out...

Friday, 16 March 2012

So Mothers day is this weekend and you just glanced into your purse and moths fly out.I know the feeling
We have all been there!

Never fear, I have a crafty project in order-

If you're real crafty, you can make it all yourself! (I wish I had, but I didn't realise they'd be so darn simple)

If you've got less time and a budget of a grand total of £2, then mosey on over to Morrisons and pick up the kit for £2 in the crafts section:

Here's the super quick video, to show you how I did it!

Instructions are as follows:

1. Cut out a strip of foam and keep one edge of the strip with a straight cut edge, make the other side kind of wavy to look like petals

2. Cut out a doughnut shape foam (circle with a hole in the middle) and cut the edges kind of wavy, so they look petal-like

3. Take a green pipecleaner (this is your stalk) poke it through one side of the jagged strip and wrap the strip up tightly, secure it in place with the doughnut shaped part pushed up and over the rolled up strip

4. Cut out a leaf shape (2 per flower should be enough)

5. Poke the leaves through either end of another green pipe cleaner

6. Wrap this around the stalk pipecleaner (the one attatched to the petals)

7. Gift it to someone, or keep them for yourself, on your jewelerry table, dresser, window ledge, wherever!

Top tips:

About six flowers makes a nice boquet
You can add glitter if that's your mamas thang'
you can present them in a little wicker-spring time basket (available from florists)
You can spray them with perfume so they're scented like flowers!
If your mum asks why they're not real you can be real slick and say:
''Because, like my love for you- these flowers will never die''

Happy crafting!


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