Tattoo or Tatty?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Not me, I just thought it looked like she had a tattoo from a distance!

A lot of people ask me the following:
Do I have a tattoo?
Do I want a tattoo?

The answer to both right now is a no!

Do I love tattoos? Yes
Do I wish I was brave enough to get one? Absolutely!

Up until the age of 18 I would draw sharpie tattoos on my hands, or dream of having trees inside my wrist, a moon on the side of my ribs, geishas on my back, angel wings, dice, feathers, chinese symbols down my spine, quotes, lyrics and even at one point a Hello Kitty bow on my hip!

Everything ghastly and beautiful- I wanted it all!

Then I turned eighteen and... I wanted nothing at all!

I still play around with henna to draw roses, musical notes, anchors and crucifixes on the little parts of me that can be hidden in case it went wrong, and I love that henna doesn't last forever.

Who knows if I'll still love nautical, Hello Kitty or swallows in 6 months, a year or ten years! I think that's what scares me, I would hate to look at my tattoo that was once loved and some years down the line think 'ugh, I hate that'

That's when I came to the conclusion that I don't need a tattoo of an anchor to show I love nautical style when there is so much nautical clothing in the world, some days I can go full out in my stripes and high waisted blue shorts, other days I might wear a simple gold anchor ring and at the end of the night, I can take it all off get into my jammies and start over fresh the next day.
I don't need a Hello Kitty bow tattooed to my hip to show how much I love Hello Kitty, when I could have a purse or ring to show that!

I think a tattoo should be to show a love or passion for something that isn't possible to wear and something that you never ever want to take off, and for now - I've got nothing!

But I could find something any day now...

Just for fun...
Here's a few I've found that are wonderfully beautiful and downright cute






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