Just another Studded Sunday

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Kesha posted this picture of a shaved off patch of her hair with golden studs in it's place!

At first I though OUCH- buuuuut, then I realised they most likely didn't staple the studs into her head like they do when they put studs on shoes, belts and jeans.
It's a little upgrade from the previous studded eybrows:

They hopefully didn't have to shave off her eyebrows to get studded eyebrows!

Aaaanyway, back to the hair studs I think that would feel so weird to accidentally brush over, the bristles of the brush would make like a 'clang/scrape' against her head, also.. what happens when her hair starts growing back through?
And finally... how do they get them off? If it's just a case of tweeze and pull, then that really is ouchy!

I know a lot of people like to criticise and say that it's gross and/or weird, yes it is a little weird but I've never seen it before and I think that's awesome!

After all, there are people that think everything is weird from feather extensions in your hair:

To dreadlocks in your hair:

Even fun hair bows in your hair:

Hello Kitty Hair Bow
Available from here
I think it won't be too long before hair stud at home tutorials start popping up all over the place!
What do you think!?


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