Friday Funsies!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Today I went to a surprise meal for one of my closest friends birthdays- it was so much fun to see a plan come together pretty much without hitch (although a little earlier today I said to her 'we can talk about all this tonight!' and she said 'yeah, why whats tonight?' and upon realising what I had just said I responded 'sorry, not tonight - I mean when we meet up next weekend' Luckily she said she didn't suspect!) -phew-
We ate at 'La Tasca' which is Spanish food and I had some meatballs, chicken croquettes and mushrooms - it was good!
I have a fun 'before' and 'after' for you:

Here I am, around 7pm this evening- wearing my new jacket that makes an appearance in my video 'Shopping for charity' a charcoal smokey eye, Body shop lip tint with Bare Minerals lip gloss over the top in shade Destiny- Looking all wide eyed and made up!

And here I am a little over four hours later! In my jammies and ready to settle down into bed, flat hair, no gloss, no earrings and no fancy jackets.

I love wearing a full face, but not as much as I love to be cosy in bed with a squeaky clean face, it's like falling asleep in fresh sheets, it just feels 'better'


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