Mummifying Makeup

Monday, 5 March 2012

How should I travel with my makeup?
Travelling with makeup is an art in it's own right! It's not easy to lug potions and lotions of every consistancy, formula and texture in every kind of screw cap, pump and squeezy bottle imaginable half way across the country or world unscathed.
However, it is of course possible with the right know how- and it certainly doesn't involve spending hundreds on special cases and containers to put everything in.
All you need is:

A roll of cling film!

The cling film trick certainly was not invented by me- but I've no idea where I learnt it as I've been doing it forever and I wonder if I just picked it up through trial and error!

Here's a quick video breakdown of how to prevent arriving with a case full of sticky, gloopy, lotion and bronzer and blusher and foundation infused mess, and half your makeup being washed down the drain before you've even put it on:

Of course, to guarantee your makeup survives the journey is going to need a little more than just cling film but to go through it all- well! That's a lot of ground to cover in a quick tip video! But certainly something I'll continue to touch upon to ensure we all learn a thing or two about travelling with our makeup!


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