Eeny Weeny Teeny Bikini

Monday, 12 March 2012

I never buy in fashion swimwear I often just buy the top and bottom seperately, and as long as their bright and fun, it doesn't matter if their part of the same set.
And the good thing about that is you can often get swimwear much cheaper if you buy them as seperates.

Right now, for the UK at least, swimwear is out of season as it's still cold outside, not sunglasses weather!


This is the best time (price wise) to get your swim wear, before it rockets up at the end of Spring.

I'm sharing a few of my absolute favourites for this summer!

I love, love, love this cute little pin up bikini top, the sparkly ruby slipper bow and gingham print- available from here and handmade in Corona!

River Island Ice Cream Stripe Bikini

I love this one, and it's called ice cream stripes! available from here and their available to buy seperately so that you can mix and match!

Image 1 of River Island Frill Polka Dot Bikini 

I love this one for all it's frills and polka dots! It's the prettiest, most doll-like thing ever! You can buy it from here and this one too, is able to be mixed and matched up!

Do you like mixing and matching swimwear, or do you think it looks a little shabby?


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