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Sunday, 18 March 2012

Defined as:
Heart healer
Happy maker
Sacrifice maker
it goes on and on and on and on!

This day in England is Mothers day, or Mothering Sunday.
A day to cherish our mothers, but remember- you don't need a special day to cherish your mother, they're beautiful diamonds in our hearts that should be admired always!

Maybe things with your mum aren't so peachy, maybe you have an Aunt, Grandma, Sister or friend that has been a mother instead!  Let them know how thankful you are to have had them when it felt like we had no one.
Mothers treasure kind words more than fancy presents, a home made card says so much more than a shop bought one- everyone will tell you that, not just mums!

If you want to get your mama a little something but are out of cash or time , watch my 2 minute video on how to make a foam boquet of roses.

All you need is:
Foam (colour for the flowers, and green for the leaves)
Pipe cleaners

What you don't need:
£$£ a lot of money!$£$
a creative 'flair'

1. Cut out a strip of foam and keep one edge of the strip with a straight cut edge, make the other side kind of wavy to look like petals

2. Cut out a doughnut shape foam (circle with a hole in the middle) and cut the edges kind of wavy, so they look petal-like

3. Take a green pipecleaner (this is your stalk) poke it through one side of the jagged strip and wrap the strip up tightly, secure it in place with the doughnut shaped part pushed up and over the rolled up strip

4. Cut out a leaf shape (2 per flower should be enough)

5. Poke the leaves through either end of another green pipe cleaner

6. Wrap this around the stalk pipecleaner (the one attatched to the petals)

7. Gift it to someone, or keep them for yourself, on your jewelerry table, dresser, window ledge, wherever!

Happy Mothers day to everyone!


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