California Gurl...

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I wasn't lucky enough to visit California myself
but... I'm not complaining because I knew people who were lucky enough to go!
and I got some super duper souvenirs from the U.S OF A!

Woo! Hooray for Macy sales! And Victoria secret, and Bath and Body works- none of which are here in the UK!

First things first, I got a Victoria Secret Red Plum and Freesia body mist, wash and scrub- it smells so sweet, I love it!
A new Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick- I love these so much, and they last a long time. It's one of my favourtie Bronzers and highlights!

A cute striped top from Guess at Macy's - I love me some nautical stripes!

This top might just be the most Barbie-ish shirt I own! Isn't it pretty!?

I got some fun pants from Victoria Secret too- but nobody likes a panty flasher so I'll just give you a close up of the fun fabrics!

I got some pom pom hair bobbles, Milka chocolate and Spearmint de-stress spray (Bath & Body works) too! I didn't do a special close up of the stripy jumper because it wasn't photographing so well- but it was a cute cropped knit nautical jumper from Macy's! (you see a swatch of it in the first picture!)

Maybe my final and most cutest product of the whole stash....

A easter chick hand soap wash!
Isn't she so fancy with her bow?
I want to name her!

Feeling like a very lucky lady indeed! I sure wish I had these shops near me all the time!


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