Recipe for a bath

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Some people might be thinking, a recipe for a bath? What do you need other than to just add water...?

Well! I'm here to show you how we bathe over here, because if you're going to dedicate some time to a bath you may aswell do it properly.
All you need is:

Hair band and hair ties to keep your hair out of the water (unless you want to wash it in the bath of course)

A face mask- I'm using Cupcake by Lush- it smells of chocolate and mud, but mostly mud!

A bath bomb/bubble bath- today I used 'So white Bath Ballistic' by Lush - it's fizzleness is not that great but it's soo moisturising, it's like bathing in milk!

A candle- one of my favourite scents -Chocolate Orange from

A bottle of water - I always get so darn thisty in the bath!

Usually I bring a book too but I had a little headache this morning and just wanted to close my eyes in the bath.

So this is how my bath window ledge looked today:

Don't you feel like you learned a little something about bathing? haha!
Are you a bath person, or are you more of a showerer?

Side note: I filmed a little tip/trick today about travelling with makeup which will be up next week too!


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