Bits & Bobs for Mothers Day and Easter!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Here's a lil' (albeit very pixelated) peek at what I picked up today for Easter, Mothers Day and a few practical pieces for me.
Along the top, you can see 3 little easter eggs- they are so fun! I love the Mr potato head one because it has all the chocolate facial features.
I love the pink chocolate on the Percy Pig egg and the millions of sprinkles that make up Hello Kitty's dress! They came from Marks and Spencers and were £6 each or 3 for the price of 2!

Other little easter treats include:
2 bags of mini kinder eggs
2 packets of Malteaser rabbits
3 Lindt gold bunny rabbits
and something so yummy it deserves it's own picture:

A bath bomb from Lush in the shape of an egg! It's scented the same as Snow Fairy, which is my sisters favourite fragrance so I'm excited to give this to her!
and I got a dragon soap to celebrate Chinese New Year- it's fragrance is Karma and it's coated in gold dust, but it's a present so I don't want to unpackage it!

Other practical things I got:
Batisee dry shampoo in fragrance Original
Another bottle of Simple light facial moisturiser
Cupcake and Polka dot folders!

And finally...

The packet under the aerosal is kind of a 'jokey' Mothers day present to go alongside her actual one. It's a kit  to make a vase of roses out of foam!
It's meant for little chidren to give their mums I think- but it will be cute because they'll never die like real flowers!
The best part? It cost £2 from Morrisons!!!

Here's how I make them:


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