Homesicky sick!

Saturday, 31 March 2012

It seems you either suffer from it or you don't
It's not like car sick
or flu sick
It's home sick
It does not just ache in your belly, but in your heart too.

Sometimes we're not even sure what we're missing, often there's nothing out of the ordinary going on back at home, but you simply want to be 'there'

I get this too- adults get it, kids get it, everyone inbetween can get home sick now and again, and the only cure is to just 'be' at home.

I get it when I spend a lot of time travelling, I'm about to head to Canterbury, Brighton and then Birmingham for Easter so I'm sure I'll get struck with a little 'home sick' then!

So for now I'm absorbing the little things I might miss, like having all my makeup and books to hand, my bath, my bed.
If I'm staying somewhere different for a while, before I leave my house, I put fresh sheets on the bed as something to look foward to come home to and somewhere lovely and clean to come back to!

Dreaming of homely home with you
And sharing lots of 'homey' love!


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