Oh Oh Oscars!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Perhaps the hottest Waga-mama on the carpet:

I supersized this picture! Just so that we can all absorb the luxury that is Angelina's Versace dress, a little velvet clinch in the waist and black waterfalls of velvet cascade down one leg with a lengthy slit up the other, she's wearing a bright crimson lip to jazz it all up a little.

I'm glad there's a few pictures of this one in all different lights so that we can pick up all the angles of the pleats, I think in this picture here the dress looks a little one dimensional, when actually it's got angular structures of fabric all over the place, but in this one we can appreciate her makeup a little more as she is wearing a bronze to brown gradient on her eyes to warm up her face and compliment her honey highlights.

Viola Davis is wearing Vera Wang, and I love this dress because it reminds me of something that a mermaid would wear, were they going to the Oscars too! The frill on the edge is ruffled like underwater plant life and the gentle pleats in the skirt remind me of fins, or ripples of water. The skirt isn't perfect and symmetrical and I love that- it makes you want to look at it more and more. Finally, the clusters of jewels on top balance out the goings on on the top and bottom half of the dress (check out the woman in the background in the black dress, she looks so chic and unfazed by the red carpet, as though she's waiting for a bus or something!)

Another strapless, Cameron is doing the nude body-con thing with a swishy twist at the bottom. This little Gucci get-up is pretty and spring time it's a shame that her shoes will remain forever a mystery, perhaps she was even wearing trainers under all that! Wouldn't that be a sight!? I think Cameron looks like a woman who works out, check out those biceps!

Jennifer Lopez wore a gown by Zuhair Murad and I've got to say, the pattern reminds me a lot of this:

A scallop shell?
Can anyone else see the resemblance? Anyway, It's a nice change from a lot of strapless and has lots of glittering detail in the middle which brightens up the nude colour scheme. Jlo is all chiselled out with bronzer and wearing a dramatic charcoal smokey eye.

And of course, how could I finish up on anyone other than Oprah? Wearing a classically beautiful gold Theia dress and gold frop earrings and a matching gold Oscar!

Of course with the Oscars it's excitement and anticiaption to see the outfits and the makeup but the speeches are where suddenly these incredible, untouchable people become humanised again as they thank everyone and let their emotions pour out- it's wonderful I love it.

On another note- I'm especially glad that The Artist came away with so many Oscars and that Rango won best animated feature film! It really was!

So there you go, my little mini, itty bitty round up of The Oscars, although I didn't even scratch the surface on the amount of glamour that night!


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