Ebay goin' a little cray cray!!!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Just a quick post from me because I want to get this out to you super speedy quick!

Ebay (just ebay in the uk I think)
are giving away 50,000 £5 off coupons for any item!

It's for a limited time only and there's a limited number of people who can activate the coupon and it's 1 coupon per Paypal account.

So here is the grand, magical coupon code: CUKFB1


Wanna know what I got with mine?

A new bottle fo Simple facial moisturiser (I was all out, and getting cranky with putting Bio Oil on my cheekbones, it just doesn't feel so nice)

It came to the grand ol' price of 95p! from here:

There is no minimum spend!
You can buy a pair of jazzy leggings, iron on patches, wellies, a phone cover, colouring crayons, mothers day present.... basically ANYTHING!

P.S The coupon code doesn't take money off postage, so it's best to have a looky for something with free postage!

Good luck, hope it saved you a couple pennies!


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