Acrylic Makeup Drawers

Sunday, 29 July 2012

It's a tough job to find makeup storage that is good, accessible, effective, large and sleek looking. I'm yet to find a company that makes really effective long term ways to store cosmetics, I find any storage cases are either not big enough, horrible colours and look clunky on surfaces or make it difficult to actually see what I have.
I'm still searching and still haven't found 'the perfect' way to store my makeup, perhaps it doesn't exist!

But here's a little something that helps..

I spotted it in stationer Rymans, I often find that stationers are the best for cosmetic storage, that and sometimes homeware storage places like IKEA.
This acrylic drawer set was in a larger size but it was a little too large so I thought I would use it to store my odds and ends that are more peculiar in terms of size so that they finally have a 'place'

 In the bottom drawer I have my concealer, Fluid eyeliner, a pore concealer and paintpots go in here too
In the middle I can stash my mascaras, I have a mascara sized eye primer in there too and some of my larger lipglosses

In the top I've kept my clear lidded vegan eyeshadows from Madison Street Beauty because I felt they looked so pretty all together, and in the top drawer they can be seen all the time!

This acrylic drawer case was a little over £10 all in all!


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