What I am reading (or trying to) for Summer 2012

Saturday, 7 July 2012

The only time that I really get a chance to read properly and consistently at all but I'm looking foward to getting my teeth stuck in, so here is my ambitious list!
If you've read any of these and you think they're a waste of reading time or were the best thing you ever read then let me know
or.. If you think something is truly lacking from my list- tell me tell me!

The five people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom, people have told me great things about it!

Can we still be friends by Alexandra Shulman (editor of British Vogue) It sounds a little autbiographal in terms of story but I'm looking foward to it

They Gypsy Dressmaker by Thelma Madine (dress maker from the tv show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding) That show is my guilty pleasure, so reading an autobiography based on the show is just an extension of that!

The Pianist by Wladyslaw Szpilman - This was made into the most incredible movie, I didn't put it on my 'Saturday night Movies' blog post because it's pretty bleak, and I don't want anyone to be put off by me saying that it is a war movie, because we all immediately think that war movies must mean khaki coloured dust. This is much more a personal account of a Jewish man set in World War II and how he's treated and how the tables turn.

The Sea on Our Skin by Madeleine Tobert- Unfortauntely this is a classic case of judging a book buy it's cover, the cover is so fun and tropical, and I wanted something a little light hearted!

 So there you have it, maybe this isn't an ambitious list for you, but for 3 months-ish it's quite ambitious for me but I can't wait to get started! If any of them are close to life changing you bet your bottom dollar I'll do a post on it at a leter date!


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