Getting green and smokey!

Thursday, 5 July 2012

In the daytime I like my makeup a little lighter, but at nighttime I think nothing screams glamour like a smokey eye. I usually go for browns and greys but today I took out an old January favourite from the makeup range Fashionista (read me rant about the name here ) and mixed it into this look!

Here's how I got it:
1.Primed my eyes using Bare Escentuals eye primer
2.Coated the whole eyelid in a light green shadow called 'Green Guild' from Fashionista
3.From the outer corner I dolloped a darker green called 'Envy' from Fashionista and blended it towards the inner corner of my eye to make a pretty gradient
4.Used a darker green from Sleeks Sparkle pallette- it's the same colour as christmas trees and placed that in the same place as 'Envy' but instead I blend it only across the first quarter-ish of my eye so that you can still see 'Envy' underneath and it doesn't become a muddy mess.
5.I use a matte black and run that along the crease of my eye and smoke it out with a fluffy brush
6. Using the same black eyeshadow and taking a thin eyeliner brush i run that along the upper lash line and half way along the lower- this way it's not as harsh as liquid liner and fits in with a 'smokey' look.
7. On the browbone to make a crisp contrast I uses Loreal Color Infaillable in shade 001 Time Resist White
8. Using a brow brush and and an eyeshadow in shade 'Folie' from Mac I run the colour through my brows lightly, and slowly builing up the shape and thickness I'd like
9. I finished off with a few layers of Bare Escentuals black mascara

Although nine steps is an awkward number, this look has no more steps!
So there you have it, a green smokey eye- enjoy!


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