ASOS Sale Fail

Monday, 16 July 2012

Asos had a big sale going on and I nosed around to see if anything appealed. Unfortanetly a whole lot more appealed than I intended and this is what I came away with:

 A fun piano clutch to match my music note dress to wear to a wedding this month!

 A frilly bikini top, I love the foamy flowers they look like sweeties! I didn't buy the matching bottoms because I prefer when they mismatch

 Pretty heart pumps that I thought would look cute with my pastel jeans

Even though I got these cute gems a lot had to go back including another bikini top because it was too small, a bag in the shape of an encyclopedia because it had a horrible brown panel, a cute bunny watch with a gross ink stain across it and a dress with cupcakes on it that felt cheap and thin!
Ah well, then I can save those pretty pennies to spend on something that I do like, hooray for free returns!


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