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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

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Pinterest is a great ol' hub of creativity mixing together, if you are a bride to be then you need to make your way over to for every creative, beautiful, money saving, romance making, awe inducing creations, themes, colour schemes, locations and dresses from the most stylish and savvy brides of the world!

I have created seperate virtual pin boards for clothes from my dreams, places I thought were only in fantasy lands, foods that are so pretty I want to coat them in a clear preserve to look at them forever and other boards just to collect all the crazy and outlandish world statistics that I never knew about and others are there to gather the craft projects of my dreams, I wish we didn't need to always be in the real world and going to the places that we have to go to like work and school and instead we could have months of empty time just to make and stick and stitch and paint.

Just lately though my boards have been corrupted by spam, I don't even know how it could have happened but my account has just given birth to brand new boards all by itself titled completely lame things like 'The best paid jobs in the US' ... i don't even live in the US- that's not something that I would put on my lovely array of pin boards! And the more I delete it, more boards seem to spring up that I didn't even create!
I just hope if i keep reporting it, it will go away but I won't let it plague my oasis of favourite things on my pin boards.
Here are some of my favourites!

Mint Mint Mint

These things are like weapons!  More like Sin-derella's glass slipper than CinderellaDIY Warm & Fuzzy Needle Felted Heart Elbow Patch ♥

This is pretty
This reminds me of a modern day Repunzel tower hidden in a forest smelling of fresh rainfallIk Kil - Mexico  Imagine stargazing here!I want to have a fairy party in this tree house!
Hugs and kisses!!Oh man! If they did these in adult sizes...oompa loompa baby!

Fruit baby!Is there an age limit to this..?Jewelry holder out of utensil trays


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