Icy Sunshine Funshine

Monday, 23 July 2012

I'm staying with my ssiter which is so so fun
and.... while I'm here summer has rolled along too which is the most pleasant surprise as it was becoming mid July with just rain rain rain
So at the first sign of sun my sister and I headed out to indulge in some summer shopping and there was a really fun sale on at Jack Wills, I was very tempted to buy these little red shorts with white tennis rackets all over but right at the last minute I put them down because I decided that while I may want them I don't actually need them.

On a more delicious note we cooled down with milkshakes from Cafe Nero I got peppermint flavour and my sister got a more healthy strawberry and raspberry. They were both delicious but I think mine was the best! It was mixed with crushed ice so it was really icy cold and refreshing and I've never had a milkshake that was just mint before, usually it's mixed with chocolate which believe me is not as good as mint by itself.

Afterwards we had lunch in a sweet little cafe which was lovely under the sun, there was ivy entwined all around and the cafe looked like a converted house which made it feel all 'homey'
I ordered delicious pasta with mushrooms and my sister had a baguette

Afterwards we headed back home and fell asleep in the sunshine!


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