Ducks on your duvet?

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

So maybe it is summer and maybe making your feet warmer is the absolute last thing on your mind, but in rainy ol' England it's on my mind quite often, especially as there's a lot of wooden floorbaords rather than cosy carpet in my house. So- I give you... The Duvet Ducks!

I tried to take a picture to show off their true cosiness but no camera will do these justice!
Even the fanciest slipper in the world will not make you think that you're still in bed, but these babies will do just that, they're made from the same stuff as duvets and cradle your foot like a fluffy cloud!

So far I've only been able to find them on Amazon- but they really are amazing as they sound and as a regular slipper wearer I give these guys 5 toes up! (like thumbs or star ratings- but with toes!)


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